The world’s first blockchain-enabled coworking space

Primalbase wanted to showcase its unique membership offering which involved consumers purchasing blockchain based tokens to gain hot desks at its offices in Europe. The aim was to reassure its investor community that it was delivering on its promises, appeal to the wider emerging tech community and defend against negative publicity regarding blockchain companies.


Ahead of the launch of its London office in September 2018, we created a plan which would gain credible national coverage for Primalbase’s unique offering. To counteract claims that the product was ‘too good to be true’, tours of Primalbase’s offices and interviews with its members were arranged. An extensive fact sheet to anticipate and counteract skepticism was drawn up. All releases would draw a clear distinction between Primalbase’s offering and cryptocurrencies. Regular coverage would be secured via interviews, reactive commentary and corporate press releases. 


Since August 2018, 17 pieces of major coverage have been secured in the UK and 10 pieces via partners in Germany and the Netherlands. Primalbase has appeared three times in Forbes, a full page print edition in The Times, The Financial Times and leading tech trade publications.