Our Work

 We specialise in working with start ups within data, fintech, blockchain, enterprise software, proptech and marketing technology. Have a look at the case studies below for more information.


Europe’s Leading Provider of Financial APIs

Starting in January 2017, Old Street Communications was retained to launch TrueLayer’s new offering to the financial and business markets. Click to see how we got on…

R3/Instant Property Network

Announcing the world’s first distributed ledger property sale with 42 global companies including RBS, Barclays, Swiss Re, Clifford Chance and Land Registry


The world’s first blockchain-enabled coworking space

Primalbase wanted to showcase its unique offering to reassure its investor community that it was delivering on its promises, appeal to the wider emerging tech community and defend against negative publicity regarding blockchain companies…


UK’s first GDPR compliance platform

Ahead of the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, we were instructed by PORT to build their media profile and raise awareness of GDPR. Take a look at what happened…


We have a wealth of experience in guiding you through announcing your latest funding round and ensuring that it gains maximum publicity. Have a look at some recent examples…


Augmented reality platform for IOT platforms

Samsung Doorways is an augmented reality platform designed to showcase Samsung’s Connected Home devices at industry tradeshows. The platform features games from well known TV shows which users play to learn more about how these devices work together…

Our Services

We offer a series of services to support or help define your marketing strategy. Support can range from creating your PR or marketing strategy from scratch to augmenting or fulfilling existing campaigns.


Public relations covers a multitude of sins, but for us, it means getting your company in the media talking about the right issues to drive new business, recruitment and funding. To make things simple, we break PR down into different functions, your campaign could focus on one area or use a combination to fulfil your goals.


PR is just one weapon in a company’s communications arsenal. Integrating your PR with a well-rounded marketing campaign, aligned with your commercial strategy, will make a real difference to your bottom line. We offer a series of services to support or help define your marketing strategy.


Consultancy can often mean a lot of fancy words and little actionable insight. For you, our communications consultancy means that we’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge to execute a highly-effective marketing or PR function. We provide a range of services from basic information to get you started, to in depth strategic advice to tackle a particular challenge.We can work on a one off project basis or be on retainer to provide support, advice or sounding board whenever you need it.


About Us

Communications is often excused as more of an art than a science – with results hard to quantify. This can make accountability difficult and it hard to develop a long term strategy. However, by leveraging data and fully aligning your communications and commercial strategies – we can show the real impact of your PR or marketing.

The result? Every action is taken with your aims at mind, not as tick box exercises. You don’t get excuses or your money wasted on unnecessary admin. You get the best approach, using the best techniques, executed by the best people.

Contact us at info@oldstreetcommunications.com to hear more.

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